Family Pack Specials

donair pizza Edmonton
Family Pack 1

2 – 10” pizzas
(up to 3 toppings each)
10 chicken wings
Caesar Salad
2 Garlic toast
1-Pop 710 ml

donair shawarma Edmonton
Family Pack 2

2 – 10” pizzas
(up to 3 toppings each)
2 Reg Beef Donair 
Caesar Salad
1-Pop 710 ml

donair pizza Edmonton
Family Pack 3

2 – 10” pizzas
(up to 3 toppings each)
Onion Rings
Dill Pickle
5- Veggie Samosas
6- Veggie Spring Rolls
2- 710 ml bottles

best pasta Edmonton
Family Pack 4

2 – 10” pizzas
(up to 3 toppings each)
1- Spaghetti Meat Sauce
1- Lasagna Meat Sauce
2- Fine Pizza Sub
1- 2Lt Pop


Extra Cheese or Feta Cheese is not a topping (Extra Charge)

Upsize $8 Extra for 12" Both Pizzas

Upsize $12 Extra for 14" Both Pizzas

Welcome To Fine Pizza and Donair

Welcome to Fine Pizza and Donair. We take special pride in using top quality ingredients in each and every food item listed on the menu, whether it is donair, pizza, burger, wraps or platters. We make sure that food is cooked just the way you ordered and is perfect before we serve it to our customers. We work hard and ensure that the food delivered to the table or your doorstep is the best quality you could have ordered. Our extensive menu offers variety for customers to choose from, from poutine, chicken fingers and wings to Donairs, pizzas and plates. Our food is always fresh so come try us anytime. We serve halal food at all times.

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Our Menu

Best donair Poutine in Edmonton

Appetizers and Sides

Arabi Plates Edmonton


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Greek Delights

best pizza in Edmonton

Best Halal Pizza in Edmonton

Got a hankering for some mouth watering food in the middle of the night, try our delicious halal chicken shawarma or a late night donair special.  We use only the finest of ingredients to ensure our customers keep coming for the best donair in Edmonton.  Our Edmonton Donair shop is open seven days a week and we service amazing halal Pizza till early morning hours. Checkout our Google reviews to see why we are considered by many the Best Donair Restaurant in Edmonton.

Best Donair Restaurant in Edmonton

At Fine Pizza and Donair, our customer’s love our flavorful Donair so much that they sometimes get a craving for it late night.  Hence we are open late night and into the early morning hours.  Come try our shawarma sandwich and find out why our shop is loved by customers.  We go the extra mile and put love in the food we serve.  We use the freshest of ingredients sourced from reliable halal food suppliers.

Mouth Watering Donair with Sweet Sauce on the side